EOS Proxy - ProducerVote

I'm a huge supporter of the EOS ecosystem. I write about EOS, build things, and I closely with the Block Producers - especially shEOS where I run the technology.

I also sit on the steering committee for the EOS Alliance although my votes do not represent the views of the Alliance.

I have created a proxy to vote for producers who I have witnessed to be in a continuous contribution to the success of EOS.

Voting with a proxy is a safe way to protect your EOS and your anonymity.

Your EOS still belongs to you, but your votes will be managed by producervote. I will recast the producervote proxy often to optimize vote weight (decreases weekly if votes are not re-cast).

If you want to anonymously stake your EOS with us - you can issue this command filling in the # with the amount of EOS you want to vote with:

cleos system delegatebw <yourEOSacctname> producervote "#.0000 EOS" "0.0000 EOS" --transfer

At any time you can un-delegate your tokens back by using the command:

cleos system undelegatebw producervote "#.0000 EOS" "0.0000 EOS"

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